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Valerie A. Brodar
December 20, 2007, 3:00 pm
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The Fragileness of Bone, 2007
Running Time: 4:58 mins
Valerie A. Brodar – Colorado Springs Colorado


The Fragileness of Bone is a poetic meditation on the discontinuous and complex self-identity created through the ethereal, persistent, personal, cultural, mythical, and ancestral memory that locates the self. Memory strikes unexpectedly like lightning. Memory haunts the shadows dancing out of reach. Memory torments with obsessive reruns. Memory reconstructs an alternative narrative. Memory kindles flames. Memory reawakens trauma. Memory confuses. Memory comforts. Memory forgets.

In this current state of global unrest with its rapid shifts in technology, boundaries, fears, and half-articulated desires we create imaginary landscapes to ground ourselves: quiet introspections that long for the ordinary in the extraordinary world. We construct poetic labyrinths from the familiarity of pleasure, trauma, isolation, connection, and ambivalence intrinsically bound to people, places, events, and objects disembodied in time. Weaving, unraveling, and recreating we build an evolving and forgetting self that is both subtly present and intangibly past, an intricate tapestry of multiple interiors, a dialogue of memories lost and found.

Esther Maria Probst
December 20, 2007, 2:55 pm
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Aquatic Origins, 2005
Running Time: 40 secs
Esther Maria Probst – Syracuse New York


Art has always been my self-induced drug. It is the calming substance that produces beautiful imagery from the ruins of stark, provocative scenes. I recently stumbled across a major threat during a subliminal, unpronounced reflection. That internal disclosure pinpointed the culprit, namely the “camera.” Through the eye of the lens, I encounter a completely different and unexplored world that escapes the realities of the average person. This unmarked landscape transforms and pervades into my slanted world. Emotion, confusion and wonder drip from my finished work. I am fixed for the time being.

Heather Stratton
December 20, 2007, 2:50 pm
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Conjuring Prophecy, 2007
Running Time: 3:08 mins
Heather Stratton – Kalamazoo Michigan


“Women are not imaginative enough and intellectually complex enough to kill themselves.” -Emile Durkheim

Self-eradication due to religious fanaticism has long been a preferred way of communicating with and serving deities. Having been privy to the mourning process of both Catholic suicide and Evangelical suicide, I found a confusing dichotomy between both of the families’ thoughts about their newly departed loved ones. It was not what I expected. Is it possible that religious doctrine can be revised to suit the current needs of a family in grief? Is it possible that the soul of a self-murderer will go to heaven just because the family cannot handle the truth and reality of their own teachings?

There are many reasons people self-eradicate; psychosis, depression, guilt, revenge, boredom, chronic pain and even religious fanaticism (please refer to the first reason). Although all self-murderers come to the same conclusion, their means remain as unique as their selfish desires. However, we may never be completely sure if all self-eradications were actually self-murder. Especially in the case of women, since they are not complete enough to commit such an act. In this event, we must consider what will become of the female soul after supposed self-murder (the wisdom of Durkheim allows us the knowledge and comfort that women never kill themselves). I bet they all become martyrs and saints.

Ron Lambert
December 20, 2007, 2:45 pm
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In Still, 2007
5:00 excerpt – Full Running Time: 27:05 mins
Ron Lambert – Andover New York


In Still is a single channel video piece running 27.5 minutes. It is a non-narrative work dealing with landscape imagery and the loss of specificity of place as our culture becomes accepting of forms of simulation. The need for speed and production forces one to feel satisfied with experiences provided via the television and computer. The piece is a series of video segments that move off the screen by stretching lines of color, which blend into the next clip. The videos of landscapes move off the frame just before the viewer becomes comfortable with the site. This is strengthened with the soundtrack that consists of the ambient sounds of the landscape clips and digital sounds that mimic the scenes of the digitized lines as the landscapes move out of sight. The piece questions if we losing something as we quicken our pace, or if new ways of experiencing life are gained.

Gary Lindgren
December 20, 2007, 2:40 pm
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Legacy, 2007
Running Time: 2:37
Gary Lindgren – Somerset New Jersey


My art is rooted in painting and I approach video the same way that I would an empty canvas. The footage and editing equipment become the paints and brushes. All of my work begins with a desire to create. Being creative means taking risks. The actual process itself becomes a record of an attempt to be creative.

‘Legacy’ uses footage from The State of the Union Address. I removed all of the words that were phony.

Blake Shirley
December 20, 2007, 2:35 pm
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On and On, 2007
Running Time: 5:00 mins
Blake Shirley – Manchester Connecticut


Utilizing the fractured language of stop-motion animation coupled with a paradoxical character in motion, I explore the complexities of perception, memory, and question how we create meaning. This video contains many possible narratives illustrating the point that meaning is always in play, constantly rearranged by our thoughts and associations. This video, as in life, contains moments that seem to be clear, if only fleeting, while resounding of uncertainty. Fragmented moments of everyday scenes, distorted and shifting scale relationships and the emphasis on fractured narrative demonstrate this. This video serves to exemplify these parallels with our own infinitely layered existence.

Megan Berner
December 20, 2007, 2:30 pm
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Cultivate, 2007
Running Time: 1 min
Megan Berner – Iowa City Iowa


For me, art—and life—is a never-ending process of change and movement. Thinking about the processes of growth and time and the idea of constant change and recycling, I began to use grass as a medium for my artwork. It seems to be a perfect metaphor for the ideas I am interested in exploring. It is a simple entity yet it works within a system of networks and layers of interconnectedness—most of which are invisible on the surface.

Growing grass is also a metaphor for the process of creation. It starts out as a small seed, an idea, and as you create a place to cultivate it, over time, it grows into something more. And it keeps on growing, transforming with each recycling, into something more, something new. Grass has the power to transform energy. And isn’t that what we do as artists, as humans?

Cultivate centers around these themes of growth, process, and creation—specifically dealing with the artistic process.