Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Blake Shirley
December 20, 2007, 2:35 pm
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On and On, 2007
Running Time: 5:00 mins
Blake Shirley – Manchester Connecticut


Utilizing the fractured language of stop-motion animation coupled with a paradoxical character in motion, I explore the complexities of perception, memory, and question how we create meaning. This video contains many possible narratives illustrating the point that meaning is always in play, constantly rearranged by our thoughts and associations. This video, as in life, contains moments that seem to be clear, if only fleeting, while resounding of uncertainty. Fragmented moments of everyday scenes, distorted and shifting scale relationships and the emphasis on fractured narrative demonstrate this. This video serves to exemplify these parallels with our own infinitely layered existence.

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the timing, craftsmanship, and creativity put into this video is much appreciated…i’ve always envied those artist that can visualize and execute a piece with this type of complexity. hats off to you my friend! well done!

Comment by Amy Stieve

I do not have a the patience this person must have. I would have given up long before I created anything this well done. I appreciate the complexity of the narratives. I think that stop-motion is so cool, it seems to be going the way of polaroid and holga, only for those who care.

Comment by Adrienne Marks

I was really struck with the process in which the video was made. It is really remarkable. I think that what makes it really great was that the precision was not sacrificed for making the video more quickly. It is one of those projects that didnt scrimp on the details. Really enjoyable!

Comment by Elizabeth M Sant

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