Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Esther Maria Probst
December 20, 2007, 2:55 pm
Filed under: Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Aquatic Origins, 2005
Running Time: 40 secs
Esther Maria Probst – Syracuse New York


Art has always been my self-induced drug. It is the calming substance that produces beautiful imagery from the ruins of stark, provocative scenes. I recently stumbled across a major threat during a subliminal, unpronounced reflection. That internal disclosure pinpointed the culprit, namely the “camera.” Through the eye of the lens, I encounter a completely different and unexplored world that escapes the realities of the average person. This unmarked landscape transforms and pervades into my slanted world. Emotion, confusion and wonder drip from my finished work. I am fixed for the time being.

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the black and white use is amazing, the way motion is shown really gives high tension and drama to the photos

Comment by Kevin G

The still images and sound go together well. Though I don’t know the true meaning behind this, I could come up with a few concepts. A form of escaping from our mind.

Comment by Nate Bell

The stills and sound create a resonating and pulsing creepy vibe. The detached foot (?) causes a recoil in my stomach and a perceived sense of confusion. Enjoyably confusing. Contrast almost too pushed to appreciate all the stills could offer.

Comment by Laura S.

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