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Gary Lindgren
December 20, 2007, 2:40 pm
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Legacy, 2007
Running Time: 2:37
Gary Lindgren – Somerset New Jersey


My art is rooted in painting and I approach video the same way that I would an empty canvas. The footage and editing equipment become the paints and brushes. All of my work begins with a desire to create. Being creative means taking risks. The actual process itself becomes a record of an attempt to be creative.

‘Legacy’ uses footage from The State of the Union Address. I removed all of the words that were phony.

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i was laughing so hard during this one…..good job, very successful in your use of repetition and also editing this down to highlight what you believed was important about the speech

Comment by karie

what i enjoyed most about this video was that the sound and imagery would both be humorously successful individually as well as a whole…..its basically a three in one art piece!!

Comment by Amy Stieve

I couldn’t believe this was all from one speech! Let alone the most watched speech and one of the most important speeches a president makes, one would think that he would be more prepared for something so important. This was very humorous to watch!

Comment by Mary

I felt as if I saw this before. The concept was interesting. I just wanted more from it.

Comment by Nate Bell

It is nice to see someone critique the work of another’s speech and edit it down to what the core of importance is. Lindgren has accomplished this well.

Comment by heather

I though this piece was really interesting. It plays with some mighty topics and I’m not sure it addressed these issues quite enough. I guess I wanted more from this. It was like watching a political cartoon in that the viewer had to fill in the blanks.

Comment by Elizabeth M Sant

Gary (Billy),
Your legacy is cemented by exposing Bush’s. Good work!


Comment by Vikki A.

Billy,glad you are still doing wonderful work!

Comment by Sue

Billy, glad to see you still are doing wonderful art

Comment by Sue Schelgunov

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