Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Jenna Caschera
December 20, 2007, 1:35 pm
Filed under: Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Focus, 2007
Running Time: 2:06 mins
Jenna Caschera – Kalamazoo Michigan


“We should consider the arguments of the feminists with no less suspicion, however, for very often their controversial aim deprives them of all real value. If the ‘woman question’ seems trivial, it is because masculine arrogance has made of it a ‘quarrel’; and when quarreling one no longer reasons well. People have tirelessly sought to prove that woman is superior, inferior, or equal to man…Each argument at once suggests its opposite, and both are fallacious. If we are to gain understanding, we must get out of these ruts; we must discard the vague notions of superiority, inferiority, equality which have hitherto corrupted every discussion of the subject and start afresh.” (Simone de Beauvoir)

A woman’s awareness of her body and self is crucial for gaining an understanding of how she is placed as the “other” in a man’s world. She will be judged and often discredited. A woman often reflects upon herself in the masculine persona, asking herself how a man would perceive her, while still regarding judgments from other females. When she offers herself to be gazed at by men and women, she places herself in vulnerable state. Not only does she become self-critical, her ability to focus on her contribution to becoming self-aware begins to diminish; feminine vanity takes over.

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even though i’ve seen this video too many times….haha….. i continue to be intrigued by the combination of lighting and varying focus.

Comment by Amy Stieve

I think that here the sound takes the center stage–the figure dwarfed by the pulse. It is a piece that grabs my attention and almost dictates how i breath or how my heart beats. crazy.

Comment by Elizabeth M Sant

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