Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Karie Kuiper
December 20, 2007, 1:05 pm
Filed under: Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Rebuilt, 2007
Running Time: 2:04 mins
Karie Kuiper – Kalamazoo Michigan


Our natural environment is polluted everyday through agriculture, industry, automobiles and deforestation. This video addresses the destructiveness with which humans treat our natural environment as well as the way in which humans attempt to re-create nature artificially. The final man-made product looks similar to the original flower; but upon taking a closer look, we see the obvious differences between the uniqueness of true nature and our synthetic materials. The artificial flower will never grow, never die and never live; however, it is assembled in the pot of soil as the original true flower once had lived.

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I really enjoy the “laboratory” environment she created, gives the piece a sterile, experimental feel. The nature world doesn’t suit our needs but a plastic fake world is much more excepted by people? Does this make any sense? Are we that far removed from the very world we live on? Karie is getting to this very idea, good job Karie!

Comment by Mary

karie, i think this video has taught you never to doubt yourself! your vision and “cause” were executed successfully….your combination of sound and visual created a unifying environment and overall feeling….and your editing choices were well thought out! congrats!

Comment by Amy Stieve

Such a great idea. I love how we take away all that is nature and replace it with fake nature. I’ve seen this idea before, but not carried out this way. Great job.

Comment by Nate Bell

Wow this video was great. I think that Karie’s editing was really key for her message. I felt like this project could have looped and I would still have been just as interested fifteen minutes later. It was graphic and the message was loud and clear.

Comment by Elizabeth M Sant

This was interesting, and communicative. Your purpose was clear and your execution of your idea kept my attention. I found the sound really drove the work on rocking thrum of mechanization. Would love to know what you used to create that sound. This left a necessary twinge in my stomache and heart for the original flower.

Comment by Laura S.

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