Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Ron Lambert
December 20, 2007, 2:45 pm
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In Still, 2007
5:00 excerpt – Full Running Time: 27:05 mins
Ron Lambert – Andover New York


In Still is a single channel video piece running 27.5 minutes. It is a non-narrative work dealing with landscape imagery and the loss of specificity of place as our culture becomes accepting of forms of simulation. The need for speed and production forces one to feel satisfied with experiences provided via the television and computer. The piece is a series of video segments that move off the screen by stretching lines of color, which blend into the next clip. The videos of landscapes move off the frame just before the viewer becomes comfortable with the site. This is strengthened with the soundtrack that consists of the ambient sounds of the landscape clips and digital sounds that mimic the scenes of the digitized lines as the landscapes move out of sight. The piece questions if we losing something as we quicken our pace, or if new ways of experiencing life are gained.

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this is quite intriguing to my own personal work. i’ve been dealing with capturing imagery that is forced out of focus, however I still haven’t figured out why. it’s always interesting to find out that someone is dealing with the same kind of concept even if the underlining meaning is different…..a very successful and thought worthy video!

Comment by Amy Stieve

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