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Valerie A. Brodar
December 20, 2007, 3:00 pm
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The Fragileness of Bone, 2007
Running Time: 4:58 mins
Valerie A. Brodar – Colorado Springs Colorado


The Fragileness of Bone is a poetic meditation on the discontinuous and complex self-identity created through the ethereal, persistent, personal, cultural, mythical, and ancestral memory that locates the self. Memory strikes unexpectedly like lightning. Memory haunts the shadows dancing out of reach. Memory torments with obsessive reruns. Memory reconstructs an alternative narrative. Memory kindles flames. Memory reawakens trauma. Memory confuses. Memory comforts. Memory forgets.

In this current state of global unrest with its rapid shifts in technology, boundaries, fears, and half-articulated desires we create imaginary landscapes to ground ourselves: quiet introspections that long for the ordinary in the extraordinary world. We construct poetic labyrinths from the familiarity of pleasure, trauma, isolation, connection, and ambivalence intrinsically bound to people, places, events, and objects disembodied in time. Weaving, unraveling, and recreating we build an evolving and forgetting self that is both subtly present and intangibly past, an intricate tapestry of multiple interiors, a dialogue of memories lost and found.

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I could easily interpret the artist’s wonderful concoction though the transducer of perceptual apparatus as the ‘Paradox of human condition’. While on one hand we find ourselves strong and articulate emanating the essence of camaraderie and sensual fullness, on the other side of the paradigm we lack the completeness at times based on the fragility of the flesh and bone. I transpose a higher meaning through her work, it is non-fictional and yet so poetic in terms of reality based perception. I felt that she was speaking through my own sense of identity, what an aesthetically superb sound and sight she projects, her work transcends beauty.

Comment by Max

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