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Jodi Hays
December 20, 2007, 2:25 pm
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Surrender, 2006
Running Time: 2 mins
Jodi Hays – Nashville Tennessee


Surrender (riffing off the Wicked Witch of the East skyline declaration “Surrender Dorothy”) uses found footage of Dorothy Gail from The Wizard of Oz fighting external wind to get back to the safety of her home. She seems to be in a digital mess-a storm of pixels. The work is a meditation on struggle and triumph. Voice credit: Chelsey Scott


Dave Ball
December 20, 2007, 2:20 pm
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Biscuits Thrown From a Window, 2006
Running Time: 2:00 mins
Dave Ball – London United Kingdom


I make work based around subversive interactions with the stuff of the everyday world. The aim is to interrogate and interrupt existing codes of behaviour. By giving visual form to minor transgression the works aim to derail the normally smooth running of sense seemingly inherent in the way things are. Through humorous incongruity an alternative, non-sensical, ir-rational, or sur-real alternative state of affairs is presented.

The works however tend first to be utterly rooted in the real, the rational, the sensible. This is the basis from which they operate. Specific places are described, recognisable situations are encountered, familiar art-historical references are utilised, well-understood thought-processes are employed, and straight-forwardly logical conceptual premises are executed. From within these solid groundings in normality humorous incongruities and minor subversive jolts can thus be effected.

The works are based in a playful philosophical attitude; poetic, humorous and questioning, they are intended to act as visually articulated minor ruptures to the way things are. Specifically influential philosophical figures include the Lyotardian notion of “paralogy” (in which a particular figure of thought is rendered nonsensical according to a dominant theoretical model in place); a Deleuzian notion of “deterritorialisation” or “becoming-differently” (in which particular states of affairs are understood as merely habitual stopping points containing within them the potential for a flight to an alternative state); and a Badiouian “evental-break” (where something unaccountable happens, something radically inconceivable according to already-existing structures of understanding).

Some of the outcomes of this have included: doing literally hundreds of actions with biscuits, throwing vegetables in the air, swinging bread around my head in a park, arranging cheesecake slices in a large circle on a woodland floor, writing ephemeral and poetic messages in second hand books before selling them, interrogating house-plants, pushing toy cars around city streets, cataloging garden hedges, and making meticulous drawings of local bus stops.

Daniel Kariko
December 20, 2007, 2:15 pm
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Gary Builds Louisiana, 2006
Running Time: 4:14 mins
Daniel Kariko – Tallahassee Florida


Louisiana is experiencing the highest rate of coastal erosion in America, losing about one hundred yards of land every thirty minutes. That is a size of a football field every half-hour.

The barrier islands of Southeast Louisiana are some of the youngest and most unstable landforms on earth. They average 5000 years in age, and are rapidly changing shape and disappearing due to the man-altered flow of the Mississippi delta. Timbalier Island, for example, averaged 20m/year towards Northwest, during the last century (U.S. geological survey). During the early 1800’s most of the barrier islands served as the summer resorts to Louisiana’s upper crust. In 1856 a devastating hurricane hit Isle Dernieres causing great loss of life and property, nearly splitting the island in half. Since then more than a dozen major storms, including Katrina, changed the geography of the coast. Today, all except Grand Isle are sand bars with a little more than skeletal remnants of industry.

These Islands represent the “First Line of Defense” against such hurricanes. Our, often adversarial relationship with the world outside ultimately reveals our inability to adapt to the natural process. We stop the flooding of rivers by building levees, yet that destroys the wetlands that protect us from storm surges. This video work sets out to illustrate the results of such failed relations. Daniel Kariko, 2006

Celeste Fichter
December 20, 2007, 2:10 pm
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P.S.; 28 Afterthoughts in Search of Before, 2007
Running Time: 4:51 mins
Celeste Fichter – Brooklyn New York


P.S.; 28 Afterthoughts in Search of Before, 2007, is a single-channel 5 minute video that imagines postscripts to stories that have never been told. While each of the 28 afterthoughts suggest that they could be the beginning, middle or ending to an unknown narrative, they are independent ideas and in fact their own short stories; some as short as a second.

Thanh VanVo
December 20, 2007, 2:05 pm
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Inside the Circle, 2005
Running Time: 4:20 mins
Thanh VanVo – Muncie Indiana


Fire. One of humanity’s greatest tools since the beginning of time. We harnesses its power; it lit our paths and raised civilizations.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty and unpredictable forces of natures. Some of the interpretations of these works address my thoughts dealing with cycles of nature as well as human life.

Like nature, the element of fire and its property can be harnessed for useful purposes. On the other hand, because of its inherent characteristics of unpredictability and extreme volatility, fire cannot be easily be easily tamed.

The video entitled Inside the Circle explores and addresses my deep curiosity with the cycles of nature. My interest in nature is rooted from childhood experiences where I lived near rivers and mountains in Vietnam. Than and now, I find great joys and comforts when I have the opportunities to experience various bodies of water, forests and living creatures that embody those habitats.

Anna Campbell
December 20, 2007, 2:00 pm
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Desperado: Rodeo Duet, 2006
Running Time: 1:58
Anna Campbell – Grand Rapids Michigan


The dual narratives in this piece describe the continual, slow-motion falling of rodeo cowboys as they are thrown from horses and bulls, and a homophobic encounter at a gas station that is too banal to justify an emotional response. Combining these accounts underscores both the continual threat of harassment that can be expected by queers, and the cowboys’ tragically hopeful insistence on riding, given the inevitability of their crashing. Heroics traditionally associated with a cowboy and exhibited here by the narrator further blend these figures together, complicating a fixed understanding of either one.

Bryan Lauch / Petra Pokos
December 20, 2007, 1:55 pm
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Cerebratorium, 2007
Running Time: 3:53
Bryan Lauch – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Petra Pokos – Ljubljana Slovenia


Cerebratorium documents a collaborative visual experiment that re-contextualizes familiarity through a celebratory ceremony. In reversing the sequence, variant meanings arise. Rhythmically, 76 wine bottles’ fragments appear to magnetically re-connect from the floor, through the air, to the hand, to the table. This visual offering is to compel question and celebrate living.