Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Jacek J. Kolasinski
December 20, 2007, 1:00 pm
Filed under: Plus 3 Ferris Wheels

Gevurah, 2002
Running Time: 1:23 mins
Jacek J. Kolasinski – Miami Florida


The looping sequence of bomber planes scaring the celestial firmament symbolizes a total distraction, a reoccurring pattern in human history. Gevurah or “strength” is usually understood as God’s mode of punishing the wicked and judging humanity in general.

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Mesmerizing, rhythmic, distracting. Potent. I could stare at in on loop for sometime and be pulled in. The change of value of the figures partway through surprised me after the repetition within variety of the first part of the loop.

Comment by Laura S.

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